Our Core Values - Strive for 5

Standard 1 – One Team, One Mission – There are many moving parts at Walden, ensuring clients have the RICHest experience possible.  It is important to remember that we are all here to serve our clients.  We share our success, failures, and information/ideas.

Standard 2 – Create a lasting impression - Our clients have made a brave choice to reach out for services.  Understandably, they may be anxious during their visit.  Therefore, it is our responsibility to create a positive experience.

Standard 3 – Confidentiality – Walden protects client’s confidentiality and privacy in all situations.  We strive to promote peace of mind and relieve anxiety.

Standard 4 – Talk, listen & learn – We communicate with courtesy, clarity, and care in all verbal and non-verbal communications.  We listen attentively to clients to understand their needs and to ensure they comprehend information we provide to them.

Standard 5 – Think Safe, Be Safe – It is essential that we provide a healing, healthy and safe environment at Walden through the identification and reporting of safety hazards promptly.