Disclosure: Please note that any information you send to Walden via email is sent via an unsecured email link. Due to the nature of the internet, there is a possibility that unsecured (unencrypted) email could be intercepted and read by third parties.

Walden assumes no responsibility for interception of confidential information (including CVs) that you send in an unsecured (unencrypted) email message.


There are a few ways you can refer a client to Walden:

Please give us a call at 301-997-1300.

You can also fill out our referral form for your convenience.  This form includes a release to facilitate sharing information. This form can be faxed to 301-863-3368. 

Clients can also bring the completed form with them for their first Walden appointment.

Please fill out the contact information to your right and let us know if you would like us to call you about a referral.

It is our goal to make the referral process as smooth as possible for both our referring partners and for clients.

Didn’t find the information you were seeking? Please call our Clinical Services Officer for additional support at 301-997-1300 x 805

Click Here for Recovery Coaching Request form.

Click Here for Reach Out Form for our Cove/DFZ Youth Center