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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the admission process?

A: Walden primarily serves residents in Southern Maryland in both St. Mary’s and Charles counties. Clients coming from outside counties should call ahead to get more information about services that Walden can offer them.

The first step to receiving any substance abuse services with Walden is to have an assessment. That will determine what level of care best meets the needs of the client. We accept TAP and ASI assessments from other facilities; these can be faxed to 301-290-0280. Walk-in assessments are offered at the Lexington Park and Charlotte Hall locations Monday through Friday from 12:00-2:00 and at the Waldorf location from 1:00-3:00. Assessments are done on a first come first serve basis so we recommend coming in half hour before the assessment time starts. Clients should bring their insurance card with them to the assessment and be prepared to pay any co-pay at the time of service.

Different levels of outpatient services are offered at each location. The inpatient program is located in Charlotte Hall. The wait time for a bed at the inpatient program can vary. 

Walden offices are located in: California, Charlotte Hall, Lexington Park and Waldorf

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: We accept a variety of insurance plans. Please call ahead to inquire about your insurance carrier.

Q: Does insurance cover my visit?

A: Insurance coverage varies by type of insurance. Our billing specialist will work with you to determine what your insurance will cover. 

Q: How long is an assessment?

A: 1-1.5 hours

Q: How do I get an appointment?

A: Please call 301-997-1300

Q: What are the phone numbers and extensions for each location?

A: Lexington Park: 301-997-1300 ext 881

California: 301-997-1300 ext 871
Waldorf: 301-997-1300 ext 819
Charlotte Hall: 301-997-1300 ext 831

Q: What are your walk in hours?

A: Substance Abuse walk-in hours are:

M-F 11-2 Lexington Park

M-F 1-3 pm in Waldorf

M-F 12-2 pm Charlotte Hall

Mental Health walk-in hours are:

M-F 11-2 Lexington Park

M-F 1-3 pm in Waldorf

M-F 12-2 pm in Charlotte Hall

Q: Will Walden send information to my attorney?

A: Yes, with your permission Walden will send an authorized letter stating that you are in the program and a discharge letter to your attorney and any other information as requested.

Q: As a loved one with someone in treatment how do I get help?

A: Call out hotline at 301-863-6661 or schedule an appointment by calling 301-997-1300.

Q: Does Walden have speakers or presenters available to educate my organization?

A: Yes. Speakers and presenters are available upon request. Please email Gary

Q: What help can Walden offer me and my family if my loved one does not want help for addiction right now?

A:  People with a loved one struggling with addiction can take steps even when their loved one does not want help.  Options at Walden for family members seeking help for a loved one who is unwilling to enter treatment at this time include CRAFT therapy and SMART Family & Friends support group meetings.  Both are designed to assist the family member/loved one to learn more about addiction and recovery, strategies that will encourage your loved one to get help, and self-care.  Walden also operates a 24 hour crisis hotline at 301-863-6661.