Treatment & Support

Please visit our social media sites on Facebook, Twitter and Linked in for more information about support and help for Great Mills High School students, parents and staff!  


Please visit our social media sites for more information, remember here at Walden Sierra we are here to help. We also want to remind everyone that we do have a 24 hour crisis hotline for anyone who wants to talk! (301-863-6661)

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

The goal of our crisis and trauma services is to assist individuals and families in crisis to safely stabilize their crisis situation. For some, this may simply involve contacting the hotline and speaking with a crisis aide whenever there is a need. In other situations, we may suggest the caller come in to speak with a counselor.

Our services are available to anyone with any type of crisis in St. Mary’s County. We offer crisis counseling and advocacy services for children, adolescents and adults impacted by:

  • Domestic violence
  • Rape Crisis

Crisis and Trauma Services can be accessed two way:

  • Call our 24 hour hotline on 301-863-6661 
  • Same day walk in access at our Hope Place office in Lexington Park 
  • Connect with one of our collaborative partners

Walden offers a full spectrum of services including services for offenders.  These include both Abuser Intervention Program (AIP) and Anger Management services.

For situations in which a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking is in an unsafe situation, emergency services and outreach accompaniment support are initiated. This may involve, but not be limited to, safety planning, short-term emergency sheltering, accompaniment to forensic exams, facilitation of access to protective orders, and referral to additional WaldenSierra or community partner services.  

To find our about our Beautiful Women Support Group (empowerment/support group for victims of intimate partner violence) please call 301-863-6661.  

To schedule an appointment please call 301-863-6661.