Treatment & Support

Family Services

Family Intervention Walden offers assistance to family members of substance abusers with the intervention process. Walden has therapists trained in the CRAFT intervention model which is considered a best practice intervention method.

Family Counseling is offered for a wide variety of behavior issues ranging from substance abuse to help with the effects of divorce on children.

Family Recovery Support - Both our adult recovery community center (Beacon) and our youth clubhouse (The Cove) host a weekly Family & Friends meeting. SMART Recovery is considered a best practice model for supporting family members whose loved one may or may not be in recovery.


To schedule an appointment please call 301-997-1300.

Assessments are the first step in making a recommendation to individuals and families personalized to fit each client’s individual need. Assessments can be made during our walk-in hours.

Substance Abuse walk-in hours are:

Monday through Friday 11am - 2pm at Charlotte Hall
Monday through Friday 11am - 2pm at Lexington Park
Monday through Friday 1pm - 3pm at Waldorf

Walden accepts insurance from most major insurance providers. A co-pay may apply. Walden accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and cash.